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How to tell persistent holiday revelers that you do not want to drink during your New Years celebrations
Published by carol roach 90 months ago in World Holidays | +18 votes | 23 comments
Different quotes about Christmas provided by outstanding women
Published by carol roach 90 months ago in Christmas & Holidays | +18 votes | 21 comments
Mother’s Day is one of the busiest marketing seasons in American business market. Of course, Mother’s Day is an important day, deserving all our affection and honor. It is a deserving day to think of the most affectionate being on the earth who carried us in the womb for more than 9 months, fed us with breast milk as long as we could eat solid food and taught us love and language as we were growing.
Published by +Paulose 85 months ago in Mother's Day | +34 votes | 20 comments
We have come half the way in the month of April. The month of April has many traditional practices. Observation of April Fool’s Day is one of those traditions in many countries, during the first few days of April. Is it just a day of playing fun or pranks on friends and relatives? Is there any significance in observing this tradition?
Published by +Paulose 86 months ago in April Fool's Day | +25 votes | 19 comments
These facts will give proper customs to follow when using chopsticks. Etiquette and manners along with guest guidelines can be most helpful at an event while entertaining others.
Published by Roberta Baxter 90 months ago in Etiquette | +30 votes | 19 comments
Valentine gifts ideas for women: if we exclude pieces of jewelry we should chose for our Valentine gift something suitable to the age and personal characteristics of the woman involved.
Published by lucia anna 102 months ago in Valentine's Day | +28 votes | 19 comments
This article looks at how sharing your thoughts and memories can be a great gift for your Father, and includes quotes from famous people sharing their thoughts on dad.
Published by Sharla Smith 110 months ago in Father's Day | +19 votes | 19 comments
Monopoly is a very famous board game that almost everyone in the world has heard of. According to Wikipedia: "Monopoly is a board game published by Parker Brothers, a subsidiary of Hasbro. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity."
Published by Account Deletion Requested 91 months ago in Parties & Entertaining | +30 votes | 18 comments
Mother’s Day is around the corner, suggesting surprising ideas to celebrate it. It is an occasion to think of the mothers gratefully. It is an occasion to honor them with indelible memories. Is it the only occasion to think of mothers? Here is a teenage girl, a future mother, worried about her mother’s relationship with her father. Read on to reflect upon the status of modern motherhood.
Published by +Paulose 85 months ago in Mother's Day | +27 votes | 17 comments
Summer season and rainy season are the two seasons in the Philippines. Most likely anyone will love summer because everyone can go out to play, be merry and have a wonderful vacation, since summer is off season or vacation time for most schools. White sandy beaches and natural pools are top priority but still, one goes back to the urbanized heat in the city. What is heat stroke and how to prevent it? What makes the urban heat sizzling?
Published by Ron Siojo 85 months ago in Philippines Events & Culture | +16 votes | 17 comments
Gamblers have many beliefs for winning but whether they are true or not it is still better to stay away from gambling because you might end up losing all your money.
Published by Felisa Daskeo 106 months ago in Parties & Entertaining | +4 votes | 17 comments
A Mother's Day Tribute that will make you laugh and cry, and appreciate your mom even more! Showcasing 50 reasons to remember to say Thank you, Mom.
Published by Sharla Smith 111 months ago in Mother's Day | +27 votes | 17 comments
Many people enjoy burning incense within their home. Cinnamon is a popular scent to use, since it’s such a pleasant “earthy” tone, but it’s difficult to find.
Published by Donald Pennington 114 months ago in Parties & Entertaining | +10 votes | 17 comments
Aguide to proper tipping settles the question of how much you should tip your server and other restaurant workers.
Published by Jerry Walch 89 months ago in Dining & Restaurants | +25 votes | 16 comments
Palm Sunday marks the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where he was greeted by chanting crowds waving palm leaves according the Bible. Palm leaves were also substituted by yew, fronds and willow which the same Sunday was designated as Branch Sunday or Yew Sunday. Palm Sunday marks the first day of the Holy Week that ended on Easter Sunday. Orthodox Christians mark Palm Sunday next week.
Published by Ron Siojo 86 months ago in Philippines Events & Culture | +20 votes | 15 comments
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